Friday, September 21, 2012


Howdy peeps.  Well, after two summers gallivanting around the border of the Czech Republic I think I finally have a project to show for it.  Some of you may have already heard stories from these roadtrips.  Last summer I crisscrossed the Czech-Austrian border and this summer I hit the Czech-German border and also attempted to track down checkpoints along the former East and West German border.  Below are the images I was in search of.  Each photo shows one of the now abandoned, or re-purposed, checkpoints that once served as the entry and exit points for the Iron Curtain.  

I took these pics with a beautiful Deardorff view camera that belongs to my friend, Todd Forsgren.  Todd gets major props for his help on this project, not only with the camera but also for his uncanny navigation skills.  He documented our first trip in a blog post that you can find here.

This is the first time I'm putting this work online so your feedback is much appreciated!

This is the East-West German border crossing known as Wartha.  Notice the spotlight tower in the distance on the left.


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