Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Adventures II: Czech Republic

More summer adventures, this time pictures from Prague and the Czech Republic.

Let's start with some castle shots

I'll bet playing hide and seek in a castle is kind of awesome

Cleo on her bike

The fabulous Misa!

Commy reliefs

A lovely garden (not)

Cleo waiting for her Czech passport

A baby box.  If you don't want your baby you are encouraged to abandon them here as opposed to a dumpster.  Once a baby is put in the box the box alerts authorities and it creates an environment that will keep the baby warm until someone gets there.  It has apparently saved the lives of quite a few children.  Kinda cool if you ask me.

 Baby kitten!  Who doesn't want one of those?

We went horseback riding in the Moravian countryside, near Telc, where Daniela's family has a house.

And NO, they are not bullet proof vests!  Apparently some of you have never riden a horse that's not tied to a freaking mary-go-round.

Emilia having some quality time with Aunt Misa

Note the fresh flowers...


What I don't like about Prague

A double rainbow on the outskirts of the city seems like a good place to end.

See you August ;)