Monday, January 19, 2015

The Winter Fly

Greetings friends.  I'm back to school in a couple of days so I thought I'd share some photos from the winter break.  First, two pictures I took while messing around in my studio.  

I found a dead fly and it reminded me of this haiku by Jack Kerouac  

In my medicine cabinet
The winter fly
Has died of old age

I've been playing around with old wallet photos.  You may see the results of this one day, or you may not.

A quick trip to Philly to see the Paul Strand retrospective

I guess you know you've made it when you have a banner like that...Although you're probably dead by then.

Do NOT mess with this dude!

Studio visit with Paul Short

I sense a whole new direction for my work!

Took some day trips to DC

Lincoln's view

Jefferson's view


A quick trip to Miami

And finally some couch time at home

Sometimes I like this town.

I'll be back next month with more!