Saturday, September 28, 2013

Praha RGB

Hello peeps, This month's blog post is the result of an experiment I began in Prague over the summer.  I had been wanting to try out the RGB method for making color images out of black & white negatives since I read about it some time ago.  It's something I plan on incorporating in the color photography class, which as of right now is entirely analog.  

The way this process works, briefly, is that you shoot three shots of a particular scene, one with a red filter, one with a green filter and one with blue (RGB).  Then, in Photoshop you convert each image to its complimentary color (CMY) and then sandwich them together to create a full color photograph.  The final images have this wonderful historic look, that is perfect for a city like Prague.  I also like the way the tourists are broken into single colors. They're everywhere in Prague so you have to do something with them!