Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Riparian Forest

OK, first I need to apologize for not posting in almost TWO months.  My bad.  But in my defense I did curate, jury, and/or participate in a total of THREE exhibitions and one national conference during that time.  And to make up for the break I intend to make this post twice as awesome!  Here's two months worth of exploration.

I took a quick trip to NYC in Feb. for the Greenpoint gallery walk.  The perk was hanging out with this dude.

And finally saw one of these, although this is clearly the work of a copy cat.  (if you don't know what this is I HIGHLY recommend the movie Resurrect Dead.  You will not be disappointed).
The first exhibition to go up was one I curated with Todd Forsgren at the Cade Gallery.  Paper & Light featured Dean Kessmann, Lynn Silverman and Jon-Phillip Sheridan.

The Chesapeake Bay

Apparently this is a forest.  It felt a lot more like a neighborhood.

The person you've all been waiting for.

Another highlight this month was the SPE national conference in Baltimore!  It was a great conference all around.  This is the crew from AACC manning our table in the exhibits hall.

And I got to hang with my good friend and mentor Conne Thalken.

Some pics I snapped on my morning walks to the conference.

Next up was, Looking up/Looking Down, Landscape Photography by the Photo Faculty at AACC at Maryland Hall.  For this show I debuted a few images from a new project where I am photographing the Wyland whale murals all over the country.  I'm not sure how I feel about the project yet but it was nice to finally see them on the wall.  Cleo seems pretty pumped about the work as well.

Next door to that was an exhibition of student photography from AACC.  The work was mind blowing! 

The after party.

A trashcan.

And now for the grand finale...SPRING BREAK in the florida Keys.  It was soooo needed!!!

This fence and about 90 miles of ocean is all that stands in the way of a visit to Cuba.

A bird.

According to Cleo this is a "sea pig"

A nurse shark


My beautiful daughter.

View from the towel.

A gap.

And some of you may like to know that I did, finally, have to go back to work.  Although I think someone has been snooping in my office...