Friday, December 22, 2017

Who Cares So What (USA 2017)

I saw a little bit of the US in 2017, including some old favs and a few new places (Hartford is actually kinda cool, who knew?!). Here are some random shots I took along the way.

Lake Champlain, seen from Burlington, VT. It was my first time there and not surprisingly I loved it! It's like Michigan but way more progressive.

That one place where all the stuff happens. It's oddly beautiful at night.

Good ol' Baltimore!

Removed confederate statue, Baltimore

Artist with Plant

White Squirrel


Above and below, Hartford, CT

Atlanta, GA

Above and next three are from Phoenix, AZ. It was my first time there. Not bad!

 Above and below, the Hoover Dam

LA (of course) 

And finally, I'll end with some pics of the place that has become my home, the Easton Shore of Maryland. It is also like Michigan, but warmer and with really good seafood.

Goodbye 2017