Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In this the month that my old haunt Hapu Bar has closed its doors for good, I dedicate this post to my time in Europe.  I lived in Prague from the summer of 2000 to the Fall of 2002.  I took some better photos then the ones shown here but these are the images that conjure the magic of that era for me.  Pictured here are good friends and total strangers.  I miss them all!

      Lisbon, 2002

      The view of Prague from Letna, 2001ish
      Snow in Istanbul

      My father, Krakow, Poland - circa 2001

      Somewhere in Romania, 2000
Dum Diva

       Palace of Culture at night, Warsaw, Poland

      A recent picture of my nieces, Luisa & Matilda seems like a good place to end.