Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Image & Imagination

This image of a baby snake will be in the Image & Imagination exhibition opening Thursday, May 24th (tomorrow) at the Mitchell Gallery at St. John's College.  The opening is from 4-6.  Hope to see you there!

Baby Snake
Silver gelatin print

Monday, May 14, 2012

Student Work

Congratulations to students from the Photography Program at Anne Arundel Community College on another fantastic year!  Here are a few highlights from this semester's final projects.

Caitlyn Taggart, Black & White Photography

Billy Ragan, Black & White Photography 

 Natalie Pautsch, Color Photography

Phoebe McCarthy, Color Photography

Casey Yancey, Color Photography

Megan Swieczkowski, Photojournalism 

This is a clip from from Michael Kangas' multimedia installation on hoarders for the Photojournalism class.  It was projected under the stairs in the CALT building for the final critique.  The sound is not well represented in this video.  It was much more impressive in person!

Once again congrats to all!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster Bus

I took this photo of the original Merry Prankster bus at Ken Kesey's house in Oregon in 1998.  I came to Kesey's house to do his portrait but he quickly sent me off into the woods as if he knew I would find something of interest there.  When I came across the bus rotting in the forest I was blown away.  This was the bus that Neil Cassidy drove!  This was a historic relic from the 60s!  I shot a roll of color negative film and then got back to the more important goal of photographing Kesey. 

Recently while scanning old negs and slides I found the roll of film I shot of the bus and was at first upset when I realized that chemicals had been eating away at it.  After thinking about it for a while I decided to print the image to see what it might look like.  The end result is an image I find to be far more representational of the bus and those who rode it.  I really could not have hoped for a better disaster to occur.

And here is the Image I eventually took of Kesey.


Not sure who any of these people are?