Monday, July 22, 2013

Detroit: Don't Cry For Us, Cry For Them

In honor of my beloved hometown I have decided to dig into my archive of Detroit images for this post.  Detroit has long been the holy grail of "ruin porn" photography and the recent news of the city filing for bankruptcy will undoubtedly spur that on.  My feeling is that Detroiters look upon these seductive color photographs of abandoned theaters and churches with a weary eye.  Those images are beautiful, and horrifying, but they are taken from an outsider perspective and ultimately, they are NOT Detroit!  These photos, taken from the early 90's through the present, are not exactly rosy either.  What they are though, is pictures of the people of Detroit! 

Rodriguez, circa 1999, just before he discovered that he was a rock star.
 Tearing down Tiger Stadium