Saturday, March 21, 2015

Exploring New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

So here is my report from spring break.  I attended the Society for Photographic Education's national conference in New Orleans.  The conference was nice - saw lots of friends and made a few new ones.  The main attraction though was the city itself.  I hadn't been to New Orleans for almost 20 years, so obviously much has changed.

The first thing I did after checking in at the hotel was hit the Mississippi River Walk

spe'rs out photographing the city.  The person under the hood had a beautiful wooden 4x5 field camera.

Ode to Frank

Here are some classic New Orleans cemetery pics 

Exploring the Garden District

These beaded necklaces were everywhere following a St. Patrick's Day parade

I had the good fortune to run into a former student from AACC.  It was great to hear that she is still shooting and getting her photos published regularly for a local paper.  Keep kicking ass Rachel!

After all that it was time to clear my head with a long drive along to the gulf coast and then up to Atlanta to see mom and pick up the girls.  First stop Biloxi, MS

This is the city of Biloxi...For real, this is the whole effing town!

From the other direction

Oh, and they have a bank too

I guess this post would not be complete without at least one photo of the Gulf

An elevator (after John Ganis)

The town of Cottondale (somewhere in the panhandle near the border with Alabama)

Ode to Eggelston

What could be more American than firecrackers and limousines?

And finally Atlanta, where I met up with this dude for a breakfast of sweet potato pancakes!

Now it's back to work :|