Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mixed Light: Pictures from the Fall

Proof that Todd Forsgren is a barn photographer

My birthday, 1946. Found inside an old copy of The Prophet 

 And last but not least...CLEO!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In this the month that my old haunt Hapu Bar has closed its doors for good, I dedicate this post to my time in Europe.  I lived in Prague from the summer of 2000 to the Fall of 2002.  I took some better photos then the ones shown here but these are the images that conjure the magic of that era for me.  Pictured here are good friends and total strangers.  I miss them all!

      Lisbon, 2002

      The view of Prague from Letna, 2001ish
      Snow in Istanbul

      My father, Krakow, Poland - circa 2001

      Somewhere in Romania, 2000
Dum Diva

       Palace of Culture at night, Warsaw, Poland

      A recent picture of my nieces, Luisa & Matilda seems like a good place to end.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Praha RGB

Hello peeps, This month's blog post is the result of an experiment I began in Prague over the summer.  I had been wanting to try out the RGB method for making color images out of black & white negatives since I read about it some time ago.  It's something I plan on incorporating in the color photography class, which as of right now is entirely analog.  

The way this process works, briefly, is that you shoot three shots of a particular scene, one with a red filter, one with a green filter and one with blue (RGB).  Then, in Photoshop you convert each image to its complimentary color (CMY) and then sandwich them together to create a full color photograph.  The final images have this wonderful historic look, that is perfect for a city like Prague.  I also like the way the tourists are broken into single colors. They're everywhere in Prague so you have to do something with them!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer travels: New York > Atlanta > Vancouver > Zurich > Prague > Brno

It's been a great summer.  I got around a bit, but I also made new work (stay tuned for that in a later blog post).  Right now a look back at the last three months.

 We kicked off the summer with a trip to Maryland's eastern shore.

Sean's Brooklyn rooftop

The old Coke museum in Atlanta

Vancouver was amazing!


Off to Europe

 Downtown Zurich

 A corner

 Swimming in Zurich was my favorite part of the trip. The water was a clear green, as Swiss water should be.

Charles Bridge, Prague

The hippest tourist in ALL of Prague!

The Prague Biennale

A metronome on the place where a statue of Stalin once stood

 I see dead people

The most classic summer photo I've ever taken - In the Moravian city of Telc

This is what happens when you bring alcohol to the cottage!

My amazing daughter

Train to Brno, CZ

Two doors

Train with castle

It's time to go home!