Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I Did For Summer Vacation

Well gang, its been an amazing summer but all good things must come to an end.  I recently returned from spending two months in Prague where I spent time being a dad and putting the finishing touches on a new project (more on that later).  There were of course lots of extracurricular activities as well.  Here's what it looked liked.

My family visited

Cleo was baptized in a church that Daniela's family has been baptized in for several generations...

which was exhausting.


Noelle, my awesome sister in front of the John Lennon wall in Prague

A cappuccino

Took a trip to Berlin with Jp
Brandenburg Gate

The Wall
 The Jewish Memorial

There was a fair amount of beer drinking going on

Late night walks home are one of my favorite parts of the Euro experience.

A half wolf

D and Cleo at the cottage

A dark forest
Some cemetery pics

An open crypt

Awesome commy space guys in the metro at Andel

The number nine


An egg

 That's all for now.