Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Post-Socialist Landscapes

The work below represents the next iteration of the East/West project.  It was shot this past summer during my travels in Lithuania and Czech Republic.  For the moment, I am calling this next phase of the project Post-Socialist Landscapes.  Some of the ideas behind the work are the same, but my interests have shifted.  In looking at borders for example, I have been drawn to photograph more arbitrary "lines in the sand" type of borders (although, as you'll see, I still can't resist the architecture of checkpoints).  My approach to pedestals has also changed.  For several of these photographs I researched the location of former Lenin or Stalin statues and photographed the place as it is today, having already gone through a de-socialization.  This is truly just the beginning of this project, but I'm exited to see where this exploration will take me!

Lenin, Vilnius

Stalin, Vilnius

Lenin, Brno

Stalin, Prague

Czech-Austrian Border

Russian-Lithuanian Border

Czech-Slovak Border

Machine Gun Bunker, Parukarka Park, Prague

Machine Gun Bunker, Parukarka Park, Prague

Garden, Lithuania

See you in 2015!