Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Travels

Lots to report from the winter break. I visited the fam in Atlanta, visited the fam in Detroit, spent new year's eve in Amsterdam and ended the break with a trip to Seattle.  Hopefully all that travel will keep the urge to get on a plane at bay for a while.  

First things first, here's a camel in my kitchen window.

Baking with grandma



A cat

Cleo turned two and discovered her destiny as a tennis star

A quick trip to Amsterdam for new year's eve.

It snowed in Maryland, Hallelujah!

 And finally a trip to Seattle where good friend and local art star Matt Klos had an exhibition opening.  I was given strict instructions to document the trip so Kat, these are for you. 

We happened to be staying in the same neighborhood that Kurt Cobain lived and ultimately died.  This was the house where he killed himself.  

There is a small park next to the house where a couple of benches serve as memorials.

The show at Prographica Gallery

Matt hanging out with venerable painter and gallery owner Norman Lundin.

Apparenetly Matt has a decent fan base in the Pacific Northwest.

Norman was kind enough to let us stay at the apartment next to the gallery, which was nothing short of spectacular!

 Good people and good beer after the show!

That's it for this post.
Bring on the spring semester!