Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Student Work: The Year in Review

Well gang, another year of spectacular student work is in the books.  Here is but a sampling of what students in the photography program at Anne Arundel Community College produced this year.  Each year AACC photography students seem to raise the level of sophistication of their work and that was especially true this year.  A big congratulations to everyone that is graduating or transferring to the big leagues. I wish you luck!  I hope to see the rest of you back in the fall.  Enjoy the summer!

 Becca McClanahan

Lucas English

Whitney Albrecht

Kris Cruspero

Tess Geissler

MJ Neuberger

This pic and the one below by Kayleigh Truban

Color Photography

Megan Cara

Alex Ray

Tess Geissler

Gabe Turrubiartes

Amy Packett

Tony Rankin
 This pic and the one below by Becca McClanahan

Digital Photography

This AMAZING image and the two below are by Mackenzie Pendry


Eric Cooper

Lizl Hartlein

A few typologies...

Steve Bolton

Eric Cooper

Taylor Watkins


A couple of images from a photo essay on Black Friday, by Natalie Pautsch. Natalie is off to MICA this Fall so look out Baltimore! 

 More images by Natalie...

A take on political stereotypes by Phoebe McCarthy.  Phoebe is also off to MICA in the fall. 

 Iggy on the moon

 These two pics, also by Phoebe McCarthy, are from a documentary on a rehab center in Baltimore that uses jogging as a method for getting clean.

And last but not least, the Postcards From Home project by Katina McDonald.

Have a beautiful summer everyone!