Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer travels: New York > Atlanta > Vancouver > Zurich > Prague > Brno

It's been a great summer.  I got around a bit, but I also made new work (stay tuned for that in a later blog post).  Right now a look back at the last three months.

 We kicked off the summer with a trip to Maryland's eastern shore.

Sean's Brooklyn rooftop

The old Coke museum in Atlanta

Vancouver was amazing!


Off to Europe

 Downtown Zurich

 A corner

 Swimming in Zurich was my favorite part of the trip. The water was a clear green, as Swiss water should be.

Charles Bridge, Prague

The hippest tourist in ALL of Prague!

The Prague Biennale

A metronome on the place where a statue of Stalin once stood

 I see dead people

The most classic summer photo I've ever taken - In the Moravian city of Telc

This is what happens when you bring alcohol to the cottage!

My amazing daughter

Train to Brno, CZ

Two doors

Train with castle

It's time to go home!